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Login and Click the TV Icon to Watch Click Faces Change Automatically on Your Smart TV. You Agree by Use that This Website Can Show You Online Ads. Adverts are Used on ClickFaces.Com to Support Free Services. We Rely on Advertising to Support and Provide Free Services to You. By Entering ClickFaces.Com You Provide Your Consent for Online Advertising. Your Information is Not Provided Directly to Any Third Parties or Sold to Anyone. Click Faces Simply Outsources Online Advertising to an Online Advertising Partner that Provides an Ad Service in Free Service Areas. The Private Media Messenger on Click Faces Does Not Have Advertising. Private Service Areas Use Credits. In Essence You Control and Manage Your Information on ClickFaces.Com You Can Delete Your Account Entirely Very Easy By Clicking the Delete My Account Button on Your Home Page. ClickFaces.Com Provides a Social Media and Messenger Service with User in Mind. Service is Built Around the User to Provide Free Services and Private Services with Credits and Age Verficiation Using the Credit System. ClickFaces.Com is Evolving to Provide Enhanced User Services Whilst Also Evolving and Agile in Our Ability to Flex, Change and Moderate Service Delivery. Built in Systems Eliminate Selected Words from Being Used in Public and Free Service Areas. Any Words Can be Eliminated. As They Typed they Dissapear and Cannot be Published. This List is Also Flexible and Agile. Contact the Help Desk if There are Words You Feel We Should Add to the Word Blocking List But Also Be Reasonable in Your Suggestions and Provide a Valid and Understandable Reason. The Point is ClickFaces.Com is Able to Control Words that Are Used on ClickFaces.Com Should it Be in Public Interest to Do So. ClickFaces.Com Wants a Good Community and a Happy User Base to Provide Service with Social Cohesion. This Means ClickFaces.Com Intentions Are Good. You Also Provide Consent for Information You Choose to Be on ClickFaces.Com You Also Agree to Be Decent in Your Behaviour and Actions and Take Responsibility for Information that You Promote, Share, Use and or Provide. You Further Agree to Remove ClickFaces.Com from All and Any Liability Whatsoever. Apply Sensible Best Practice and Manage Yourself in Compliance with Local and International Laws. Blow the Whistle by Clicking the Whistle Icon for the Help Desk to Respond and Delete. If You are Over 18 and Provide Your Consent to Our Terms, Conditions, Disclaimers and To Manage Yourself Appropriately and Agree that You are Responsible for What You Do on this Website, Then Go Ahead and Confirm You are Over 18 and By Doing So that You Consent to Terms of Service and Conditions. Click Faces, Fun, Social, Connect with Friends, Make New Friends, Meet New People, Register Your User Name and Give People Your User Name to See Free Messages from You with More Privacy and Security from a Distance. Create a Free Discussion Group with a # To Join Groups, Discussions or Conversations Free Simply Type in a # in the Search Bar and Click Faces Joins People, Groups and Conversations Totally Free. Post a Comment and Join a Conversation. What's Your # ? See Someone You Would Like to Private Message With? Send them a Private Message Request. You Can Exchange Text, Photos, Videos, Voice with Click Faces Private Media Messenger. See Who You Like and Who Likes You, Search and Match on ClickFaces.Com Word Blocking Takes Place in Public Areas on Click Faces to Maintain a Cohesive Social Community and Decency with Regards to Discussions and Topics. Click Faces is Able to Control Posts and Words from a Centralized Environment. Should You Feel Certain Words Should be Added to Our Word Blocking List in Public Areas You are Welcome to Contact the Help Desk and Submit Words You Feel Should be Blocked to Support a Cohesive Community on Click Faces. Word Blocking Takes Places in Public Areas However Private Messaging Areas, Member to Member Word Blocking Does Not Take Place. Private Messaging is Member to Member Verified Messaging. However, Should a Need Arise, Word Blocking Can Easily Be Implemented Accross the Whole of Click Faces. To Support a Decent Community, Discussions and Topics, Mindful of People and Well Being a Hybrid Approach Has Been Implemented with Public Areas Having Controlled Word Blocking and Private Areas Remaining Open. However We Encourage You to Maintain Decent Conversations and Be Mindful, Decent and Respectful of Others Also in Your Private Messaging. The Control Mechanisms are in Place and Fully Functional. They Can Be Tweaked at Any Time to Ensure Social Cohesion Online with Click Faces. You Can Help Click Faces and Support a Socially Decent Online Community, By Just Being Cool, Open and Mindful, Including Respectful to One Another in Your Posts, Messaging and Communications. Welcome to Click Faces, A Different Kind of Social Media. Float, Chatter and Pulse. Add Your Website or App and Get a Link from Click Faces to Websites or Apps from Click Faces App Store. Chat, Conversations, Play, Have Fun, Enjoy. Click on Links to Visit Free Pages, Websites or Download Apps. Change Photos and Text, Use a # or Follow a #. Create a Free Page on Click Faces. You Can Use Click Faces for Free Pages, Blogs, Chat, Friends, Social Media, Dating, Websites, Apps, News and Classifieds Plus More Categories of Online Services. Click the Category Button to Choose Categories. Connect with Friends, Make New Friends, Meet New People, Instant Chat, Online, Remote, From a Distance, Go Digital, Free Message and Private Message Connect Remotely On Any Device. Got a New Mobile Phone? Just Visit Click Faces and Click Add to Home Screen. All Services, Data and Content is Provided from the Cloud, You Don't Need Any Storage Space on Your Device. It All Works from the Cloud, Click on Faces You Like and Instant Chat. Click Faces Social Media Messenger. Alternative, Singles, Love, Fun, Friends, Relationships and Interesting Topics, Stories and Conversations. Find Information Online, Follow Interesting Stories and People. Click Add to Home Screen on Your Web Browser to Get the Click Faces Social Media Messenger Launcher Icon on Your Desktop, Laptop, Mobile Phone or Device. Then Just Click the Thumbs Up Smiley Icon to Launch Click Faces from Any Internet Enabled Device. Alternative Social Media Evolving Together. Click Faces Provides a Matching Feature to Match Accross Categories. You Agree By Use and Being a Member to All Features and Functions Provided on Click Faces. You Can Choose What Information to Input or Not Input that Results in Featuring or Not Featuring in a Variety of Categories and Matches on Click Faces. Putting Data in One Category Also Enables You to Be Matched in Other Categories or Searches. All Users Agree to Terms and Conditions of Use By Being on Click Faces and For Features and Functions to Work in the Manner Which They Do on Click Faces. Should You Not Like the Way Features and Functions Work on Click Faces it is Easy to Delete Your Account By Clicking the Delete Icon on Your Home Page. If You Delete Your Account it is Gone Forever, All Information and Credits are Deleted Instantly. There are No Refunds for Unused Pay as You Go Credits. If You are Unsure Purchase the Smallest Credit Bundle So You Do Not Have Many Credits to Lose if You Delete Your Account. By Use of Click Faces, You Agree to Remove Click Faces from All and Any Liability Whatsoever. If You Agree You are the Person Responsible for What You Input on Click Faces and Remove Click Faces from All and Any Liability By Use Then Go Ahead and Use Click Faces. If You Do Not or Are Unsure, Then Do Not Use this Website and Mobile App. Only Members Who Agree to Click Faces Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer are Welcome to Use Click Faces and Agree to All Features and Functions on Click Faces. You Further Agree that Information You Provide Which is Entirely Managed By You Can and Will Be Shared on the Internet and Mobile Phones. You Also Agree to See Adverts from Our Advertising Partners. You Agree to Be the Person Responsible for Data You Input on Click Faces. You Agree for Click Faces to Process Information You Input in Any Manner Neccessary for All Features and Functions to Work as They are Designed to Do. No Payment Details are Stored on Click Faces, Payments are Processed By Our Third Party Payment Provider and on Successful Confirmation Credits are Automatically Loaded into Your Account on Click Faces. A Very Limited Amount of Information is Required for the Features and Functions on Click Faces to Work. All Information is Managed By You. Click Faces Provides the Technology, You Agree to Provide and Manage Your Information Taking Full Responsibility for Your Information Management and Manage Yourself in Compliance with Local and International Laws. The Source of Information is Yourself and You Agree to Be the Person Responsible for Information You Input into Click Faces. By Use of Click Faces Users and Members Agree to Remove Click Faces from All and Any Liability Whatsoever. Privacy Policy